Coronavirus: XPAuto to start vehicle collections


XPAuto will begin vehicle collections this week by temporarily employing people living with drivers that already work for the fleet demonstration company.

The novel approach will ensure its drivers only work with someone who they are already living and in isolation with, it says.

It will now start collecting demonstration vehicles that have been out with customers since the start of the lockdown.

Furthermore, it says that employing the drivers on a temporary basis could provide workers furloughed from various industries with vital income.

Oliver Woodmansee (pictured), CEO of XPGroup Holdings, explained: “We recognise that this is a very uncertain time for our customers and employees and we see it as our responsibility to ensure that we commence operations as soon as possible in order to support our key clients, whilst at all times working strictly within Government guidelines to ensure the health and wellbeing of fleet customers and colleagues.

“All of our driver colleagues are being provided this opportunity on a voluntary basis and we have been delighted with the very positive response we have received from colleagues wanting to be involved.

“This initiative is the first of a series of new developments we will bring to market to support our clients in the new covid world.’’

XPAuto uses a touchless process for collection, employing technology from its sister company XPTech, which will be in line with Government guidelines on social distancing.

Customers are being contacted ahead to confirm if they are comfortable with the arrangements and process of collection and being given the opportunity to have the car collected should it be convenient to do so.