XPGroup’s CTO, Steve Coppin, shortlisted for a prestigious award


Computing, Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2020, CTO of the Year


As XPGroup’s technology lead for both XPAuto and XPTech, Steve’s expertise in building and implementing pioneering digital strategies, along with significant product design and development experience, ensure he is well placed to meet the ambitious criteria set for this respected annual award.  Recognising the continued automotive industry shift to a technology based mode of operating, with online sales and service growing at pace, Steve sees the unique value in focusing on producing technology to manage automotive services, but also to widen that focus to consumer, commercial and other services within our industry.

Coppin acknowledges the honour of being nominated for such a coveted award and expands that “a win from such an industry-leading publication as Computing would indeed underline the relevance of the rapidly growing XPTech brand”.