Fully Integrated Automotive Services

Delivering a world-class customer experience

Delivering A Unique Service

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. More and more consumers are turning to online methods, and XPAuto is ready to support this journey.

We have developed a comprehensive logistical support package that complements the online sale and purchase of vehicles. Through the innovative use of our technologies and the direct employment of passionate, expert brand ambassadors, we deliver a unique service to the automotive industry.

We offer a fully integrated service, with a personal approach. To us, it’s all about keeping the customer at the heart of the process, meaning the absolute highest levels of service are paramount to the experience.


We Pride Ourselves on Innovation

We have developed our own state-of-the-art, bespoke fleet management solution designed specifically to support the needs of the automotive industry.

Our press fulfilment service allows our customers to benefit from our long history of working with press and media and ensures that the whole experience is fully managed.

To support the logistics sector, we deliver a class leading and innovative service to the automotive industry and the distribution chain.

We can help you handle every element of any event that you wish to organise. From single vehicle launches to industry events, activations and team events.

Our trusted service means that you don’t have to worry and we can support you with the movement of your much-valued vehicles.

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